The wedding journey, or honeymoon, as we now call it, has always been a chance for the newly married couple to enjoy privacy (and in times past the opportunity to get to know each other), and relaxation after the busy period leading up to their wedding.
It is so called because the feelings of the couple for one another during the wedding journey were supposed to equate to the phases of the moon.

Financial realism
From the moment the couple make decision to marry, the cost clock starts to tick. Honeymoons, like weddings, have to be planned with regard to the future financial responsibilities of marriage. Honeymoons, like weddings, have to be planned with regard to the future financial responsibilities of the marriage. The fact that a honeymoon is a unique experience in the relationship is often guilty of encouraging unwise extravagance without due consideration for the future.

Time and distance
The effort of planning a wedding and the emotional excitement mean that they are exhausted and thought must be given to restful activities. Trying to go too far away will only add to your tiredness. Try to give yourself a couple of days clear on the return trip to acclimatize to normal life before returning to work.

Passport and visas
These should always be checked for validity well in advance and with enough times to spare to solve any problems. Grooms will normally book honeymoon tickets in the name of Mr. and Mrs.,…. Brides will not always have had the time or energy to have their passport amended to their married names before wedding in which case they will need to remember to travel with their marriage certificate to prove their identities if necessary

Injections, Inoculation And Diseases
Travel to many destinations involves recommended inoculation against certain diseases. The disease epidemics can also travel fast and change the nature of their resistance to the various drugs which are constantly being developed to keep them at bay. Consequentially, recommended doses may be changed at a moment's notice and even if you have recently traveled to your intended destination and have previously had all the injections etc.., you may need to check that you are still protected.

Insurance Cover And Medical Emergencies

Any form of foreign travel, however close to home, should never be undertaken without proper travel and insurance cover. We are extremely fortunate and secure in the knowledge that no matter we are, we will quality for immediate and free emergency medical treatment. Insurance policies will normally involve the insured paying the initial medical cost to be reimbursed upon their return and upon proof being given of the costs involved in the form of receipts or invoices.
Other Emergencies
However carefully you plan a honeymoon and however sensibly you behave while you are there, it is possible to find yourself in difficult or emergency situation. Language problems can make matters even worse. British citizens abroad can call upon the consular section of the British Embassy or High Commission in the local capital, or upon the British Consulate or Deputy High Commission to be found in some provincial centers. If you are going very far away it could be wise to find out where these are situated in relation to your destination.

Who To Travel With ?
Most honeymoons will be booked through travel agents specializing in a certain type of holiday or travel to certain parts of the world. The level of service and experience offered by different travel agents can vary enormously so it is always better to travel with an agent who has an established reputation.

Here are some questions put together for you to ask your self and come to best conclusion:
Our aim is to allow you to indulge in your wildest fantasies but to convert them into a reasonably logical trips. 

To  plan your dreams honeymoon, here are some questions.
1) Are you thinking of  India or Overseas?
2) How long can you be away ? 
* 1 Week or * 2 Weeks
3) Do you want:
a) A relaxing beach holiday
b) Activity/sports
c) Cultural
d) Wildlife
e) Self Drive
e) Mixture
4) Are you happy to forgo the food and wine versus romantic surroundings?
5) Do you mind have a budget; are you restricted by how much you spend ?
6) Do you mind joining other people as part of a small group for all or part of time, or wish to be completed on your own?

7) Would you like a true Andaman Nicobar island away from it all or do you like 
   cities ?
8) Do you want to stay put in one place or move around ?
9) 'A room with a view' can be a special feature.
10) Will your wife be traveling on her maiden names or already have her new 
     passport ? We require this for air-ticketing.
11) Will your wish to travel on Sunday? This has an important bearing on flights
     to some of the more remote destinations.
12) Is it top secret to keep information away from your fiancé (e)?
13) Are you satisfied with a self- catering villa?
14) Will you book your own first night hotel in India or would you like
      suggestions from us?
15) How about leaving your reception-by horse and carriage or hot-air balloon?
16) Would you like to upgrade to club or first class on the flight ?

Plan your honeymoon so that you can ‘dream vacation spot’ at the best time of the year. 

Some newly weds do not consider anything but an immediate honeymoon. They may be more romantic but less practical. You would have to plan your wedding and honeymoon dates carefully, so that everything goes off smoothly. It takes meticulous planning to have as evening wedding and then catch a flight for your honeymoon the following morning! You don’t always need to rush from the wedding mandap directly to the railway station or airport! An ideal wedding deserves an ideal honeymoon.

Planning your ideal honeymoon
While planning your honeymoon, it is worth while to get in touch with a travel agent who specializes in ‘honeymoon travel ‘, and who can handle the entire arrangements for you. Such an agent can help you select the best time of the year to travel and offer suggestion for your itinerary. Your cost don’t increase greatly by using a travel agent ; their commissions are paid also by the airlines, hotels and so on . Their expertise on hotels, restaurants and available destination is invaluable, and can be used in making a decision regarding the honeymoon destination.

Would you like a tight ‘schedule’ honeymoon ? It may be worth while to make tentative plans and reservations ahead of time so that you have the option to enjoy a full and busy honeymoon. After the hectic wedding preparation and the whirlwind activities of your big day, you may need a few days to unwind and get to know each other better. Make your honeymoon a time for solitude and total relaxation.




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