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Jain Wedding Ceremony

A typical Jain Marriage initiates with "Vagdana" - wherein the parents of the bride and groom declare the intention to marry them after which the "Pradana" takes place where the bride is gifted with ornaments. Then the mandap and the vedi are made ready - "Mandapa-vedi-Pratishtha" and also the ornament is installed in a ceremony called "Torana Pratishtha". 

The "Vara Ghoda" is taken out wherein the groom rides the horse. Upon reaching the destination the "Torana Vidhi" - rites of welcoming - is performed which includes "Gotra Occhara" - reciting of the genealogies or gotra. Then the bride and groom are allowed to take a look at each other's faces in a ceremony called "Paraspara Mukh Avalokana" after which the "Varmala" - garlanding - ceremony takes place and vows are taken in "Vara Pratijna". Then the couple goes round the fire in "Agni Pradakshina" and the bride's father gives her away in "Kanyadaan". 

Thereafter comes the "Deva Shastra Guru Puja" wherein the Jina, Scriptures and Gurus are worshipped. The knot is then tied between the bride and groom's dresses in "Granthi Bandhana" after which the "Panigrahana" ceremony takes place where the groom holds the bride's hand and takes seven steps - "Sapta Padi". The couple then seeks "Ashirvada" - blessings - groom the elders present after which the the bride comes to her own new house whcih is called "Sva Graha Aagamana". 
Lastly suitable donations are made to the temples, institutes in "Jina Grahe Dhan Arpana".


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