Just because you're settling down doesn't mean you have to spread out. Here's how to avoid the post-shaadi pounds.

1. Hang with the guys (or girls), especially the ones who are still single. Yes, you're in love. But that doesn't mean you forget your friends. Whether its playing hoops or walking laps, do it with a friend.

2. Stop eating before you feel full. Your brain takes a little longer to catch up to your stomach (don't ask). Eat slowly and stop before you have to unzip your pants. A few minutes later, you'll realize you really didn't need that last kebab.

3. Watch the carbs! We don't recommend a no-carbs diet. But if you avoid eating carbs in the evening, you avoid becoming lethargic and fat.

4. Substitute the old deep fried favourites (samosas, pakoras, rashgoolas) for lighter, more nutritious snacks like fruit, bean sprouts and unbuttered popcorn. You'll get used to it.

5. Stay active. Physically, socially, spiritually. You'll keep busy, stay attuned to your self and still be motivated to look good with or without your clothes.

6. Find simple ways to sneak exercise into your life. Use the stairs, walk instead of drive, squeeze your stomach muscles while you are sitting.

7. Lighten up! Slowly substitute fattening foods for their lighter counterparts. Yogurt for sour cream, light cheese for cream cheese, skim milk for Homo, spinach and whole wheat foods for refined flour...you get the idea.

8. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit. When your body craves sugar, shove some grapes in your mouth. Its just the sweetness, and not the entire tub of ice-cream, that you are craving.

9. Don't starve yourself. Starving makes you desperate and desperation makes you hungry. Its a vicious cycle. Eat until you feel satisfied and eat as much of the greens and fruits as you like.

10. Watch yourself during times of stress (like your wedding). Make a conscious effort to get enough sleep, exercise and eat right even if you feel like you're running out of time. You'll look better, feel better and be more productive and happy!