Look and Feel Beautiful on your Wedding Day

1. Be true to yourself. Avoid choosing a style that does not reflect the inner you.

2. Relax. Allow some time to be alone on your wedding day, even if it's just for an hour and in the confines of your bedroom. Make arrangements for your guests to get ready at a friend's or relatives, if possible.

3. Make sure any hazardous (potentially staining) substances such as lipstick, nailpolish and mehndi come nowhere near your wedding lehnga, sari or other attire. Watch that your jewelry does not get caught on those delicate fabrics.

4. Allow plenty of time to get ready. It can take 2 or 3 hours to complete your makeup, hair and jewelry. Head gear such as chunnis and teekas can get tricky. Have an expert on hand to help you and dress you. Mom may be just as nervous as you, so rely on someone else.

5. Watch that hemline
. Remember that you will be barefoot for some parts of the wedding, and wearing heels for others. One trick: have the hem of your dress sewn off the floor, but only at the front. Many a grand entrance has been ruined by a tripping bride.

6. Keep a survival kit: extra shoes, sewing kit, nylons, powder and lipstick.

7. Avoid wearing
too much or too little make-up. If you can, use a professional to do it for you. Have her come to your home to avoid stress or a heat-induced meltdown!

8. Floss. It keeps your breath fresh and prevents you from collecting particles all day. Check your teeth closely when you get a chance.

9. Choose a hairstyle and make-up that will stay fresh and polished all day. Consider your outfit, the weather and the length of your day.

10. Flu symptoms?
Almost. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and eat well. Avoid rich, fatty foods the day before. Get some exercise. You'll have the energy and stamina to last the whole day!