Weddings involve large-scale and complex activities, and there are many areas that need to be ideally planned and organized at least six months prior to the weeding. The six-month calendar lists items that should be taken care of month-wise. This will help you prioritize your responsibilities. As the countdown progresses, you will be able to observe all of your work done. 

Six-month countdown 
1. Set date for wedding.

2. Decide type of wedding.

3. Plan wedding budget.

4. Prepare guest list.

5. Choose location for pre-wedding ceremonies -lunch/dinner.

6. Choose venue for wedding and make reservations.

7. Choose reception location and make booking.

8. Appoint priest /purohit /clergy member for performing ceremonial rites.

9. Consult 'wedding planners' (for additional help ). 

5 month countdown 
1. Choose wedding dress and accessories.

2. List 'trousseau' items.

3. Select tent house/decorator.

4. Select florist.

5. Select band/musicians.

6. Select photographer and discuss plans.

7. Select videographer.

4 month countdown 
1. Design / select wedding invitation and place order.

2. Select wedding dress / trousseau dresses and place order

3. Select dresses and jewellery for the bride / groom and place order.

4. Choose gifts for parents / relatives.

5. Selects rings and place order.

6. Select caterers and plan menus for all ceremonies. 

3 month countdown 
1. Address invitation cards.

2. Draw up pre- wedding itinerary and entertainment programs for guest.

3. Reserve ghodi / limousine for the groom.

4. Make transportation reservation for guests.

5. Make hotel / guest houses booking for out -of-town guests.


2 month countdown
1. Mail invitation cards .

2. Order mithai and other related items, for wedding and other ceremonies.

3. Set dates for pre-wedding functions.

4. Appoint parking attendants for wedding ceremony and / or reception.

5. Arrange other facilities such as water, generators, security and lighting for wedding ceremony/ reception

6. Prepare reception agenda.

7. Select the type of music needed for reception/ cocktails.

8. Select pre- wedding music.

9. Order wedding reception cake.

10. Buy all gifts for bride / groom.

11. Finish buying trousseau

12. Make beauty parlour/ hair stylist appointments.

13. Make booking for mehendi.  

1 month countdown 
1. Have florist visit home and the wedding / reception venues to plan the amount of   flowers and style of decoration.
2. Apply for marriage license.
3. Have beauty parlour / hair stylist rehearsal. 
4. Make seating arrangements with tent house. 
5. Write out place cards. 
6. Get menu cards printed. 
7. Prepare individual responsibility checklists for helpers.
8. For bride / groom : make honeymoon plans and carry out booking and make
    arrangements for packing of luggage. 
9. Give videographer work sheet of events to videotape. 
10.Give photographer list of important events to be photographed. 
11.Give caterer / hotel / banquet hall final head count.