Post Wedding Sex FAQ's

1. Who is most likely to initiate sex?

Ans.   60% of the time it's the man. Are you surprised?

2. Is it true that most fights happen because of sex?

Ans.   If you're under 24, then yes. Otherwise, you start to fight about money.

3. Tell me the truth. How often can we expect to make love after we've been married awhile?

Ans.   From age 30+, the average is about once per week.

4. How many couples spend their wedding night together without having sex?

Ans.  About 1/3 couples are just too tired to have sex.

5. Can a woman have an orgasm via intercourse alone?

Ans.:  Yes and no. Provided there is direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. This isn't always easy through intercourse alone. Manual or oral techniques are probably a more fun route.

6. How common is masturbation among men and women?

Ans :   About 27% of men and 8% of women admit to masturbating at least once a week. Experts believe that the real figures are significantly higher.

7. Can men have multiple orgasms?

Ans :   Men can extend their sexual cycles and enjoy several mini-orgasms before a final climax.

8. Do women ever climax too early?

Ans :    14% of women say they climax too early.

9. How common is it for a woman to fake an orgasm?

Ans :    About 20% of women admit to faking an orgasm. The reason: she's had enough!

10. How common is oral sex among heterosexual couples?

Ans:   About 25% of couples engage in oral sex.