Marriages in India reflect all the regional colors overlaying the basic religious rites. present you info on  Marriage Rituals in India

Sikh Wedding Ceremony

One or two days before marriage - "Sagan" - engagement is held in the groom's house in the morning in the presence of "Guru Granth Sahib". The bride's relatives visits groom’s residence with refreshments. Sari, gold ornaments, fruits and sweets are brought to the bride’s house by the close relatives of the groom. Before marriage the fun starts with bhangra dance and folk songs, a few days before the marriage a special function called "ladies sangeet" is arranged at both the bride and the groom’s places and all the relatives, neighbors and friends of the respective families are invited.

In "mehndi" ceremony - mehndi is applied on the bride’s hands and feet. "Vatna" - mixture of haldi, besan and oil - is also applied on the bride's body on the marriage day. After the bride finishes bathing her "mama" - maternal uncle - performs the "chuda chadaana" ceremony wherein he adorns her with ivory bangles painted with red colour. "Vatna" is also applied to the groom at his house.

Normally the wedding is arranged in a "Gurudwara". The groom before leaving the house is applied "thilak" on his eyes by his sister-in-law in return of which he gives her money. After the arrival of the "baraat" at the bride’s house the "Milni" for men takes place which usually consists of garland exchange by the grandfathers, fathers, uncles and other relatives. Then the groom is given "Chunni" generally red, pink or orange colour which he drapes around his neck and gives one of the ends to the bride to hold.

Thereafter during the marriage the priest reads and sings hymns from the "Guru Granth Sahib" after which the couple takes the blessings of all elders. Flowers are showered on the couple from all sides on the fourth and final hymn and their duties and responsibilities towards each other are explained. Both are gifted with a "Rumala" auspicious in color with embellishments after which relatives garland them and serve them lunch.

The female relatives of both the families meet each other in a formal "Milni" which is arranged after the wedding and exchange garlands. Thus ends the wedding on a happy note.


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