Fitful Nights.

Eight things she wants you to know, but doesn't have the guts to say 

So you got her to marry you, that was the easy part. Now trying pleasing her in bed. If you're serious about being her one true sex god, then listen up

1. If all you get is a goodnight kiss
, you're not alone. 33% of all newly married couples don't do the deed on their wedding night. The reason: Exhaustion. By the time you've performed the ceremonies, taken photos with all five hundred of your aunties and uncles, and actually gotten to your hotel room alone its really late. So don't take it personally, take it as an opportunity to rest up for tomorrow.

2. Put away the props
, videos and thingamigigies. She is probably not interested. Most women prefer simple, sweet nothings like back rubs, champagne and bubble baths. Now, we can't speak for everyone. If you've got a wild one, then go for it!

3. Make no mistake
The lingerie is for you, not for her. She'll wear it, but remember to appreciate every moment of it (the whole 5 seconds).

4. Slow down..
It bears repeating: s-l-o-w down. You turn on like a light bulb. She heats up like a kettle of water. So don't rush.

5. Picky, picky, picky
. You could be turned on in a Park Street Pan-wala Shop. She needs atmosphere. Dim the lights, play some music, and light a few candles. And for god's sake, turn off the kabbadi match.

6. Foreplay begins
way before you think. Forget those golf clubs. You've got to get it right all day long. Hold hands in the morning, snuggle by the pool all day and offer her all your attention through dinner. Then, maybe, you can make your move.

7. You're genitally aroused
She's generally aroused. So touch her everywhere, often. But also pay attention to her likes and dislikes. Focus on the likes.

8. What's the score?
She is not counting.  So after all that hard work and attention, she may still not take you all the way there. Some nights its just not meant to happen so dont make a big deal out of it. But you weren't just doing it for the sex, now were you?

Note : Most of the brides become more adventurous after one year of marriage. So you have lots in store to look forward to. Enjoy!