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Shapes Of Hand

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The Mixed Hand


This type of hand cannot be described particularly like any other above types as they belong to many types.


They often look like one pointed, one square, one Spatulate, one philosophic etc. So, it is very tough to explain their shape.


An individual with this type of hands is said to be clever, full of ideas and versatility. Such persons are adaptable to both people and circumstances but inconsistent in application of his talents. Such people are malleable, changeable and versatile to such an extent that they lack definite purpose in life. They often lack mental disposition for reflection and deep thought. If only they possess clear cut strong head line, they can optimize their talent. The mixed hand provides the bearer ample opportunities if employed with a strong will and determination. The person having mixed type of hand generally begins a work in haste. Later their unnecessary anxiety for swift completion of the work gradually led them to become utterly tired and worn out. Thus being worn out , they looses the desire to complete the work properly. In this point they left that work, undone and begin a new one and repeats the same. Suspension, apprehension and uncertainty usually guide them and their course of living. Since the mind of such person is uncertain, they soon become hopeless if they cannot make a speedy success. For this reason they become self-centered. Such persons get success in life after many efforts.




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