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Shapes Of Hand

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The Philosophical Hand


Those who possess philosophical hand are said to be very thoughtful and analytical in nature.


This shape of hand can easily be recognized, it is long and angular with bony fingers, developed joints and long nails. Their fingertips are spatula shaped and the fingers are conical shaped. This type of hands are usually thick, possess heavy Palm, reddish in tint, and broader than the average. Their thumb is `clubbed` with first phalanx and a second phalanx looks very much undersized.


The people having philosopher's hand do not work on sentiments but they keep harmony between sentiments and practicability. All the same they can tally between practical rationality and sheer sentimentality. Their fundamental nature is to discover s new things. Hence they always hunted to explore the unexplored facts, aimed to open new vistas and try to initiate new works. Their personality reflects their success, which is also one of the basic traits of their character. These people are by nature student but of peculiar subjects such as man kind, they understand the every cord of music of life, They are different in nature from general people and interesting thing is that they like to be different. They rarely forget any injury, but they are patient with the patience of power, They wait for opportunities. They are generally egotistical in the way of the life they lead. One thing is very important to be born in mind that the developed joints are the peculiar characteristic of thoughtful people, while the smooth and pointed fingers are just. Being very learned and extremely conscious about the social and collective interest, they are proved as natural leaders. They are the born leaders. At the same time they are very useful to the society. They worked to enhance the society and glorify the nation and country. Being very much moralistic these people having philosopher's hand have full faith in ideals and beliefs. They craved for intellectual pursuits and have lofty desire and indomitable thirst to increase their knowledge and intellect. They are socially responsible and hence are always found to do good for people


The eminent palmists have opined that great philosophers, thinkers and intellectuals are with such hands. These people though attain much respect and fame, they are not affluent.




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