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The Primary Hand


On the basis of formation, the first quality is the primary hand. This hand is found amongst people with animalistic characteristic. The person with the elementary hand displays a lack of enthusiasm and imagination. They show a general indifference to life, and are concerned only with daily existence.


The primary hand is characterized by stiff, heavy and fatty short fingers and a short thumb in its form. Other traits are a thick, hard, square palm, shapeless fingertips, and rough and leathery skin. The primary hands in its formation are unsymmetrical and ugly. The fingers of the people having primary hands are appeared to be unsymmetrical. Usually the thumb of such type of hands are short and thick.


According to the science of palmistry, people having primary hands cannot be termed as fully civilized. These people have a special tendency to copy things. Being very much materialistic these people do not have the characteristic cultural ingredients. The people having the primary hands are absolute epicure. Apart from the chief aim of the food, clothing and shelter, they do not even care for anything in life. Moreover they do not understand the values of life other than food , clothing and shelter. All the same the people having a primary hand are completely devoid of values and ideals of life. These people are generally laborious and whatever they can make are all because of their personal efficiency and strength. Such persons get irritated over trivial things. Breaking of law or the denial of the conventional norms is the basic trait of their nature. These people have very little mental capacity they are good followers. Best thing about this type of hand is that these people are dedicated and hard working nature, they contribute as a good and honest worker to the development


This hand is characteristic of laborers and those involved in violent sports, like boxing. This hand is found amongst unskilled labor or people performing menial jobs.




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