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Shapes Of Hand

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The Psychic Hand


The most beautiful of the seven type of hand is what is known as the psychic hand, but this type of hand in its purity is very rare to find. This is considered the most beautiful and developed hand on mental level but the most unsuccessful in worldly terms.


The psychic hand is in formation, long, narrow, and fragile-looking, with tapering fingers and long, almond -shaped nails. This is a small and slender hand, characterized by smooth fingers. The palm is medium in size, and the nailed phalanges are long and tapering. The thumb is small and elegant.


Individuals with the psychic hand have the purely visionary, idealistic nature. They are interested in occult sciences. Persons with this hand shape lead a chaotic life, characterized by a lack of discipline. They love to live in their dream world and lack mental power to implement their plans. They appreciate the beautiful in every shape and form; they are gentle in manner, quite in temper; they are confiding, and they instinctively trust one who is kind to them. They are too spiritual and cut away from mankind that they tend to forget they exist in this world. Their frailty to act and struggle in life mars their fate. They have no idea of how to be practical, business like, or logical; they have no conception or order, punctuality, or discipline; they are easily influenced by others; against their will, they are carried away by the strong rush of humanity. Colors appeals to them in the highest possible way; to some, every tone music, every joy, every sorrow, every emotion is reflected in a color. They are religious and devotional in nature. They are basically purely sensitive & delicate nature, so that best way to treat them is handle with care. Once you know how to stick the cord trust me they are the best people to stay with.


This hand usually belongs to those with a deep interest in the occult, such as magicians and clairvoyants.




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