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The Square Hand


These type of hand are also called useful hand because it is found in so many walks of life. According to palmistry, the square shaped hands are of medium size, but large rather than small.


The square kind of hand can be easily recognized when it is seen from the reverse side. These types of hand have knotty fingers, square nailed phalanges, a large thumb, a well-developed Mount of Venus and a firm medium-sized palm. This is because the fingers of the square hand have a special kind of flexibility. The flexibility or the litheness of the square hand is one of its special features, which is considered as one of the chief identifying feature of this kind of hand. Such hands are thinner and less coarse.


A person with square shape of hand possesses a sign of perseverance, practicality and a respect for society and the law. They are sincere and true in promises, staunch in friendship, strong in principle and honesty in business and all spare of life. People with such type of hand are orderly, punctual and precise in manner, however, from any innate grace of nature but from conformity with custom & habit. They respect authority, discipline. They are well organized people they keep things on there right place. By nature they are not quarrelsome, they like peace over war. The people having square hand are genius and intellectuals. They are socially responsible and always work for the collective interest. These persons have the special ability to lead the society. Also they leave some special inheritance for the future generation. A person with square hands is an intellectual thinker and is very much successful in the field of art. According to the science of palmistry, these people are not very much affluent and prosperous because they do not engage much importance in the pursuit of money or material pleasure. But they have an indomitable attraction for respect and fame.


They made rapid progress as a philosopher, artist, painters, men of letters, psychologists etc. Their reputation in the society is s their chief interest rather than money and material comforts.




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