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The Line Of Travel


The Travel Lines start from the edge of the palm at the base, opposite the thumb, and extend horizontally. These Lines appear on the Mount of Moon. They are also the little hair lines that leave the Line of Life towards the Mount of Moon. Sometimes the short lines that join the Life of Fate at the conjunction where a line shoots downward into the Mount of Moon clearly suggests profitable and intellectual foreign travels.

Function of the Travel Lines

These Lines indicate the restless disposition of the subject or any allergy that he might have developed because of delicate health.
They may also indicate travels and voyages of the subject.

Characteristic Features Of Travel Line

Intersects Life Line - Trip will be made under circumstances of health, or your health will be affected by a trip.
Intersects Fate Line - Travels will present a life-changing experience.
Intersects Head Line - Some danger to the head from journey.
Lines crosses Travel Line - Danger, or problems with in travel.
Square - Protection in travels.
Breaks - A delay in travels.
Ends with cross - Journey will end in disappointment.
Ends in a square - Subject protected from danger during the journey.
Ends with an island - Journey in loss.





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