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The Island is a negative sign. This indicates all the hereditary evils like inherited heart disease if heavily marked on the line of heart. It could represent mounting stress on the line of the head, and manifest itself as headaches. Island on mount injures the qualities of the mount on which it is found.

An Island on the Mount Of Apollo denotes dissipation of energy.

An Island on the Mount of Mercury represents cheating disposition.

An island on the Life line indicates illness or loss of health.

An island at the commencement of the Life line indicates constitutional weakness.

An islanded Head Line widely separated from the Line of Life shows an excessive irritability of temper.

An islanded Head Line sloping to the Mount of Moon indicates unusually melancholic - escapes from society.

An island on the Head Line under Saturn Deaf and dumb.

An island on the Fate Line indicates misfortune, loss or adversity.

An island at the termination of the Fate Line indicates career would end in despair - may also indicate tragic death.

An island at the beginning of the Fate Line is a sign of some mystery in the birth of the individual.

Two islands forming the figure 8 at starting point of the Fate Line is a sign of Gift of second sight - intuitive abilities.





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