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The star is a symbol of good and sudden brilliance in a person's life. A line that ends in a star signifies great accomplishments. A star on mounts enhances the benefits of the corresponding amount.

A star on the mount of Jupiter signifies great honor, power and position on the mount of Sun it indicates wealth and position but without happiness.

A star on the mount of mercury represents success in science, the power of eloquence whereas on the mount of mars it denotes that through patience, resignation and luck the great honors would be gained.

A star on the mount of Saturn represents great success or distinction through some terrible fate.

A star on mount of Venus represents extraordinary success in all affairs of love and on mount of Luna is a sign of great celebrity status.

A Star on the mount of Jupiter indicates achievement of one's ambition.

A Star within a Square on the Mount Of Saturn shows escape from assassination.

A Star on the Mount Of Saturn shows a high position achieved, but opposition too from enemies.

Two Star on the mount of Jupiter indicates success due to unexpected luck.

A Star on the Mount Of Apollo is a sign of distinction and genius - industry combined.

A Star on the Mount of Mars indicates riches through courageous action mostly through illegal means like smuggling, etc.

A Star on the Mount of Venus stands for brilliant marriage.

Star on the Life line indicates sudden death - poisoning at the age signified.

A star on the Head line denotes injury on the head.

If the Head line continues to run after a Star then their is a possibility of insanity instead of death.

A star on the Fate Lines is a bad sign as their is uncertainty in career.




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