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Triangles are positive marks. they indicate talent, creative ability, and energy, and enhance the qualities of any line or mount on which they appear. It denotes mental flourish and success corresponding to the location of the mark, i.e., if it were to be found upon the Mount of Apollo, it would denote an artistic success. If found alongside a line, it will naturally take on significance dependent upon the line. The triangle will never reach the great heights of success, but it possesses balance and will not carry with it the backlash that so often accompanies the star.

A triangle on the mount of Jupiter indicates success in public life - diplomatic ability and cleverness - successful political career.

A Triangle on the Mount Of Saturn shows special aptitude for occult sciences.

A Triangle on the Mount Of Apollo denotes great aptitude for research.

A Triangle on the Mount of Mercury represents success in business and politics - brings material prosperity.

A Triangle An excellent indication for military career.

A Triangle on the Mount of Venus stands for highly tactful in love affairs.

A triangle on the Head Line under the Mount of Mercury shows success in scientific researches.




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