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The Mount Of Apollo


The Mount Of Apollo is found at the base of the ring finger and on the upper part of the heart line. This Mount is associated with fame.

If this Mount is prominent on palm, then the man has a great tendency of becoming a genius and famous. A person reaches a very high status in life if the mount is pink in color. Such persons are of cheerful nature and work in close co-operation with friends. Such persons are successful as Artists, Expert Musicians and Painters. They are inborn genius. They are honest in their dealings and are completely materialistic. Very well developed Mount indicates self-confidence, gentle manners, kindness and grandeur.

Sometimes a vertical line is present on the this mount. This is also known as the success line. The line is not present in every hand but when it is it is a sign of happiness and achievement

If the Mount is developed more than necessary then such a person would be very proud and a flatterer. He would be having friends from the lower sections. They are extravagant and quarrelsome and never succeed in life.

If the Mount is absent, then the person leads a very ordinary life. He would be a dull-minded and foolish fellow.




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