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The Mount Of  Dragon's Head



On the palm the area of the Mount of Dragon's Head is situated below the headline, surrounded by the mounts of Moon, Mars and Venus. The fate line passes over this Mount while going towards the Mount of Saturn.

If the Mount is prominent and protruded then the person would be very fortunate.

If the Mount is prominent and the fate line is broken then the person shall get wealthy suddenly and also fall down suddenly in life.

If the fate line is deep and clear while passing over the prominent mount, the person will be proved as a benefactor, genius, religious-minded and will enjoy all worldly comforts.

If the fate line is broken on the palm but the mount of Dragon's Head is prominent, the person will grow very wealthy once but he will fall down equally quickly as well.

If this mount changes its position and gets in the center of the palm, then the person faces extremely adverse days in his youth.

If the center of the palm is deep and the fate line proceeds ahead in broken condition, then that person leads the life of a beggar in his youth.

If this mount is less protruded the persons will be of restless nature and will lose all wealth with his own hands.




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