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The Mount Of Harshala


This planet is more powerful and exerts more influence in comparison with the other planets. The planet of Herschel is significant enough in the science of palmistry. Moreover the signs and the characters imprinted on the mount of Harshala are considered of enough importance. It represents the area between the Heart and the Head lines. Its area is a little below the little finger and the Mount of Mercury. This planet influences the heart and the brain. A man having this Mount below the Mount of Mercury and between the heart and the head lines becomes a world-famous Scientist or Mathematician. They become successful dealing with atoms, televisions and other intricate items.

If this Mount is less prominent then such a person takes interest in the works connected with machines. He becomes famous throughout the world if a line comes form Harshala and goes towards the fingers of Apollo.

If there is triangular or square sign on this mount then the person makes wonderful advancement and gains worldwide fame and respect . He is highly respected in society and gets more success in life than expected.

If a line comes from Harshala and goes towards the fingers of Apollo then the person becomes famous throughout the world .

In case the mount of Harshala leaning towards the mount of Mars, the person makes misuse of his genius and in a way he becomes an international swindler or plunderer. Such person remains constantly sick with heart trouble.

If the mount of Harshala is seen leaning towards the mount of Neptune, the person is completely indulgent and goes on chasing other women and is not satisfied with his wife. Such people often indulge in the illicit relationship.




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