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The Mount Of Mercury


Mount of Mercury is situated at the base of the little finger. This Mount shows materialistic prosperity and afflunce.

Persons with well developed Mount are clever and crafty and are adept in cheating. They gain success in business.

If the Mount is very much protruded then such persons are after money and the main aim of their lives is to amass wealth.

If the Mount is absent in the palm of a person then the person passes his life in poverty and lack of means.

If the Mount is ordinarily prominent then he would be interested in inventions and scientific works.

If the Mount is ordinarily developed and has a square mark on it then such a person would be a criminal of higher order. Such persons believe in breaking the law. Persons with prominent Mount are experts in Psychology and know how to influence others.

A star on the Mount of Mercury indicates a successful professional career. A cross on the mount indicates diplomacy




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