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The Mount Of  Neptune


The area of the Mount of Neptune on the palm is below the headline and above the area of the mount of Moon. A man becomes an eminent musician, poet or writer if this mount or its area is very prominent.

If a line is seen on this mount and this line meets the fate line a little ahead, the person gets some post of great importance.

The person with the leanings of the Mount of Neptune towards Venus is socially irresponsible.

If this Mount is developed more than enough then such a person's life would be full of grief and his family life would be spoilt. They are maniacs, suspicious and cruel.

If a line starts from the Neptune and cuts the Headline, then such a person certainly becomes insane and the greater part of his life passes in a lunatic asylum.

If the mount of Neptune is developed and meets the mount of Hershel, then it has some s evil effects. Such person will surely commit murder in the near future in order to obtain wealth.

If a cross is found on this mount then the person passes his whole life in poverty and destitution . Such persons cannot collect even the basic needs of life.




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