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The Mount Of  Pluto



The mount of Pluto is called `Indra` in Hindi. Its area on the palm is below the heart line and above the headline and is situated between the mounts of Hershel and Jupiter. This mount is the regular feature and can be clearly seen on the hand of every person.

Its influence can be seen only in the old age. If this Mount is very prominent, then the person passes his old age happily. If a cross sign is found on this Mount, the person will die before th age of 45 in an accident.

If a cross sign is found on this mount, the person will die before the age of 45 in an accident.

If the mount is too prominent, the person is found to be rude, illiterate and prodigal and has to face difficulties at every step in life; also he is not able to get any co-operation from friends or members of the family.

If the Mount is not prominent then the person would be unlucky. His nature turns irritable and troublesome.




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