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Boys' Names


Tanmay ....  engrossed
 Tarun ....  young, youth
 Tapan ....  sun, summer
 Tapas ....  heat, penance
 Tarak ....  star, pupil of eye, protector
 Taran ....  raft, heaven
 Tarang ....  wave
 Tej ....  light, lustrous
 Tejas ....  sharpness
 Tilak ....  spot of vermillion or sandal wood paste on forehead
 Teerth ....  holy place, sacred water
 Timin ....  large fish
 Trilochan ....  one with three eyes, Shiva
 Trilok ....  the three worlds (heaven, earth, hell)
 Tulasidas ....  servant of Tulasi (basil plant)
 Tungar ....  high, lofty
 Tungesh ....  moon
 Tushar ....  fine drops of water

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