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  Boys' Names


Hanuman... Son of the god of wind
Hardik... Full of love
Hari... Lord Krishna
Haridas... One of Lord Chaitanya's associates
Harij... The horizon
Harikesh... Lord Krishna
Haripreet... Beloved of Gods
Harjit... Victor
Haroon... Hope
Harsh... Joy
Harshad... Happy
Harshit... Joyful
Hasan... Laughter
Hasmukh... Full of cheer
Hayagriv... Lord Krishna
Hemant... Winter
Hemdev... Lord of wealth
Hemen... The king of gold
Hemish... Lord of the earth
Hemraj... King of wealth
Hetal... Cheerful
Hiranya... Lord Vishnu
Hiresh... King of precious stones
Hitendra... Well wisher
Hriday... Heart
Hrishikesh... Lord Vishnu




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