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Girls' Punjabi names ?
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List of Girls Punjabi Names in Alphabetical Order


 Agamjot God's light
 Agampreet The lover of God
 Ajinder Victorious
 Ajinder Victorious
 Akalbir God's immortal warrior
 Akalpreet One who loves the Timeless Being
 Akalroop Of eternal form, of eternal beauty
 Akalsimar One remembering the Eternal God
 Aman The one who is peaceful
 Amandeep The lamp of peace
 Amanjeet One who attains to peace
 Amanjeevan One who lives a peaceful life
 Amanjot Radiating the light of peace
 Amanpal The protector of peace
 Amanpreet One who loves peace
 Amanroop The embodiment of peace
 Amanvir The one who fights for peace
 Amardeep The lamp of immortality
 Amarjeet Forever victorious
 Amarjot The Immortal Light
 Amarleen Forever absorbed in God
 Amarpreet The immortal Love of Lord
 Amrit God's Nectar
 Amritleen One imbued in the Lord's Nectar
 Amritpal One protected by the Lord's Nectar
 Anadjot One who radiates the Lord's Light
 Anandjot The Light of Bliss
 Anandleen One absorbed in the Lord's Bliss
 Anandroop Of blissful form; radiating bliss
 Anoopbir Beauteous and brave
 Anoopjot Radiating the Beautious Light
 Antarjot The Divine Light within
 Antarpreet One who loves the Light within


 Bakhsheesh The blessed one
 Balbir Mighty and brave
 Baldev The mighty god
 Baljeet Mighty victorious
 Balraj Mighty king
 Balveer Powerful and brave
 Bhavjeet One who swims across the dreadful world ocean
 Bhupinder The king of kings
 Brahmleen Absorbed in God's Love
 Brahmvir God's warrior


 Chamkaur battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought
 Chann Beauteous, beloved
 Channan Full of fragrance like sandalwood
 Charanjeet Winning the service of Guru's Lotus Feet
 Charanjot Light of Guru's Lotus Feet
 Charanpreet One who loves the Lord's Lotus Feet
 Chitleen One absorbed in awareness


 Dalbir The brave soldier
 Daljeet The conqueror of forces
 Deep The lamp of light
 Deepinder Light of God
 Devindar The king of gods
 Dharamleen One absorbed in righteousness


 Gagandeep Light of the sky
 Gaganjot Light of the sky
 Gatleen Merged in freedom
 Gatsharan Liberated by taking shelter of Guru
 Gharcheen One who realizes the Home within
 Giaan One having exalted divine knowledge
 Giaandeep Lamp of divine knowledge
 Giaanleen One absorbed in divine light
 Giaanpreet One who loves the divine knowledge
 Giaanroop Embodiment of divine light
 Giaanveer Brave and divine in knowledge
 Gundeep Lamp of excellences
 Guneet Full of talent
 Gunpreet The lover of excellences
 Gurcharan One who takes shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet
 Gurdeep Lamp of the Guru
 Gurinder Lord
 Gurinder Lord
 Gurjeet One winning the Guru's heart
 Gurjeevan One who lives a life as ordianed by Guru
 Gurkeerat One who sings praises of the Guru
 Gurkiran The ray of Guru's light
 Gurleen One who is absorbed in the Guru
 Gurneet Guru's moral
 Gurneet Guru's Moral
 Gurparveen Goddess of the stars
 Gurpreet One who loves the Guru
 Gurpreet Love Of Guru Or Guru's Love
 Gurpreet Love Of Guru Or Guru's Love
 Gurshant Attaining peace through the Word of the Guru
 Gursharan One who takes shelter in the Guru
 Gursukh One who is blissful through Guru
 Gurveer Warrior of the Guru


 Harbhajan A devotee absorbed in the Lord
 Harbir Warrior of God
 Hardeep Lamp of God
 Harjap One who meditates on the Lord
 Harjas Praise of the God
 Harjas One who sings God's praises
 Harjeevan One who lives a God-oriented life
 Harjit Victorious through God's Grace
 Harjot God's Light
 Harkeerat One who sings God's praises
 Harkiran The ray of God's Light
 Harleen One absorbed in the Lord's Love
 Harmeet God's devotee, beloved friend
 Harpal One protected by God
 Harpreet One who loves God
 Harsharan One who takes shelter in the Lord


 Ikjot The One light, God's light
 Indirjeet One who wins the love of God
 Indirpreet Lover of God
 Indirveer God's warrior


 Jaipreet The victory of love
 Japbir A brave one who remembers God
 Japjot One awakening in the light of meditation
 Japleen Absorbed in God's remembrance
 Jasbir A brave one who sings God's praises
 Jaskeerat One who sings praises of the Lord
 Jasleen Absorbed in singing God's praises
 Jasminder Lord's glory
 Jasminder Lord's Glory
 Jasmine Fragrant flower
 Jasmit Famed
 Jasnam One singhing the glories of Naam
 Jaspreet One who loves to sing praises of the Lord
 Jasveer A brave one who sings God's praises
 Jaswant Worthy of praise
 Jasweer Victorious
 Jatinder One who has conquered the five evils
 Jeet Victorious
 Jogindar Establishing union with God


 Kanwal Detached & unsoiled like the lotus flower
 Karamdeep Lamp of God's Grace
 Karamjot Light of God's Grace
 Karampreet The lover of God's Grace
 Kartar Creative like God
 Keerat One who sings glories of God
 Khushpreet Loving and delightful
 Kuldeep The lamp of the family


 Lakhbir As brave as a hundred thousand
 Livdeep Absorbed in the Lamp of Light
 Livleen Absorbed in adoration of God
 Livpreet Absorbed in the love of God
 Livroop Embodiment of absorbtion in God


 Mahindar God of gods
 Mandeep Light of sages
 Manjit The one who controls the mind


 Namgeet One whose life is the song of Naam
 Namjas One who sings praises of Naam
 Namjeev One who lives absorbed in Naam
 Namjot The light of Naam
 Namleen Absorbed in the Lord's Essence
 Nampreet One who loves the Lord's Being
 Namroop One who becomes the embodiment of Naam
 Narinder The king
 Narveer A brave person
 Navbir The new warrior
 Navdeep The ever new light, the new lamp
 Naveen Ever fresh
 Navjeet The new victory
 Navjeev The ever fresh life
 Navjot The new light, always bright
 Navneet One who is ever new
 Nirmal The one who is pure
 Nirman The egoless, humble
 Nitnam One who ceaselessly remembers the Lord
 Noor The Divine Light


 Parambir The greatest of warriors
 Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine
 Paramgeet The highest song of Bliss
 Paramjit Supremely victorious
 Paramleen Absorbed in the Highest, God
 Parampal God, the caretaker
 Parampreet One who loves the Lord
 Paramveer The greatest warrior
 Parbeen Capable, skilful, efficient
 Pardeep Mystic light
 Parmindar God of gods
 Patveer The respected brave one
 Prabhbir God's brave warrior
 Prabhdeep The lamp of God, God's dear one
 Prabhgun One having Godly merits
 Prabhjeet One who wins the love of God
 Prabhjot The light of God
 Prabhleen Absorbed in God's Love
 Prabhnoor The light of God
 Prabhroop The manifestation of the Lord
 Praneeta Led Forward; Conducted; Advanced; Promoted
 Praneeta Led Forward; Conducted; Advanced; Promoted
 Pranjeeta  Pure
 Preet The one who loves the Lord
 Preetamjot One who longs for the Divine Light
 Premdeep The lamp of love
 Premjeet One who wins over others by love
 Premjot The light of love
 Premleen Absorbed in God's love
 Prempal God, the loving caretaker
 Pritpal God, the loving caretaker
 Puneet Pure


 Rajbir The warrior of the kingdom
 Rajindar The king of god of gods
 Rajpal The protector king
 Rajveer The warrior or hero of the kingdom
 Ramandeep Absorbed in the Light of Lord's Love
 Ramindar Absorbed in the Lord
 Ramneek Beauteous
 Ranbir The brave warrior
 Randeep The lamp (hero) of the battle
 Rangjot One colored in the union of God
 Rangleen Imbued in the Lord's absorbtion
 Rangpreet The lover of God's Love
 Ranjit The conqueror of the battle
 Ranjot The Light of the Battlefield
 Ranveer The brave warrior
 Rasbir Drinking the elixir of courage
 Rasdeep Lamp of the Elixir
 Rasjeevan One whose life is full of elixir of Naam
 Rasleen One absorbed in the elixir of Naam
 Rasnam One who drinks the elixir of Naam
 Ratanbir The priceless brave one
 Ratandeep Precious like God's Lamp
 Ratangeet Song of diamond (soul)
 Ratanjot The diamond of God's Light
 Ratanpreet One who is in love of the Diamond (Holy Word)
 Ravindar The god of Sun, knowledge
 Roopindar God of Beauty
 Roopjot Beauteous Light


 Sachkeerat Singing the praises of God
 Sachleen The one absorbed in Truth, in God
 Sachpreet The true love, the love of God
 Saihajleen One absorbed in peace and bliss
 Sarabjeet Winning all
 Sarabjot All-prevading Light
 Sarableen One who prevades in all
 Satbir The True warrior
 Satgun Of True merits
 Satjeevan The one living the truthful life
 Satkeerat One who praises the True One
 Satleen The one absorbed in Truth, in God
 Satpreet The lover of the Truth
 Satveer Bravely upholding the Truth
 Shabad Deep Lamp or light of the Holy Word
 Shabadpreet The one who loves the Holy Word
 Sharanjeet One who attains the Guru's shelter
 Simar One who is absorbed in God
 Simardeep Lamp of remembrance of God
 Simarleen Absorbed in remembrance of God
 Simran Meditation
 Simranpreet Lovingly remembering God
 Skandajit Wife of Lord Vishnu
 Sukhbir Warrior of peace
 Sukhchain The one who is peaceful and calm
 Sukhdeep The lamp of peace and bliss
 Sukhjeet Remaining in peace
 Sukhjeev A peaceful person
 Sukhjot Light of Peace
 Sukhleen Absorbed in joy of God's love
 Sukhmeet The peace-giving friend
 Sukhnam Bliss from Naam
 Sukhpreet One who values inner peace and joy
 Sukhraj King of Peace
 Sukhroop Embodiment of peace
 Sukhsharan Peace in taking shelter in Guru
 Sukhveer Warrior of peace
 Sundarjeet One who attains to beauteousness
 Sundarveer Beauteous and Brave
 Surinder The king of gods
 Surinderjit One who is victorious over gods
 Surjit Immortal, Godly person
 Surjot Godly light


 Takdeer Of great fortune
 Taran The saviour of all



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