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Boys' names ?
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Girls' names ?
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Twins Names - Boys

Indian Origin / Popular Baby Names. Boy (Male) Baby Names and Girl (Female) Baby Names. India Baby Names

A  -  C

Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aadya Mittal Indian a name of Goddess Durga F
Ahyanna Kate Fourkiller Indian this child is creek/and cherokee indain F
Ahyanna Kate Fourkiller Indian this child is creek/and cherokee indain F
Akasha Indian The Sanskrit word meaning space or sky. F
Alahya Indian A ragas musical tone or colour F
Amona Indian Beginning F
Ananya Indian matchless F
Anchal Indian The decorative end of a sari F
Arabh Indian peace M
Arnav Indian ocean king M
Arooj Indian peak M
Arun Mozhi Indian the language of sun M
Ashram Indian a Hindu hermitage where sages lived in peace and tranquility amidst nature. M
Aswathi Indian   F
Baba Indian grandfather M
Bhumika Indian Mother of earth F
Bindi Indian forehead decoration worn on South Asia F
Chanda Indian Hindi Goddess F
Cheyennalina Indian Dark Haired Beauty F
Chiwe Indian Northern California Native American name F
Cleela Indian play F

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