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Twins Names - Boys

Indian Origin 
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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Samiha Indian wish or desire F
Santhum Indian peace M
Sarionah Indian Lilltle Indian Angel F
Sevika Indian sanskrit, in the service of god and humanity F
Shaina Indian Tri Esshwar Lord Shiva F
Shakshi Indian eye-witness F
Shanti Indian peaceful F
Shesh Indian Serpent God M
Shireen Indian meaning: Princess F
Shravanthi Indian full moon F
Shristi Indian universe F
Shristi Indian universe F
Smiley Indian smile M
Sonali Indian the happy, happy girl (actually comes from Sri Lanka!!!) F
Soumya Indian handsome F
Sundari Indian beautiful F
Sunita Indian well-behaved F
Syreeta Indian Hindi- to flow like a river F
Syreeta Indian Hindi- to flow like a river F
Tejaswini Indian brilliant, shine in life F
Triissh Indian Lord Shiva F
Valli Indian She was a Shri Lankan princess. The name means sweet potato. They found her in a jungle on a patch of yam. F
Vallipriya Indian Love F
Varoodhni Indian pure one F
Vishruth Indian name of God M
Xanic Indian Mexican Indian "The first flower that blooms after the rain" F
Zenfora Indian Several places for meditation F

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