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Boys' names ?
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Girls' names ?
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Naming a baby is really a cumbersome task. You have to decide on a name for which you won't regret later. A name for which your child dont fall into an embarass situation. I have heard people often modify their name to suit the trends. As Hari changes to Harry, Jaspreet To Jazz etc. But we can really workout for a week and get a name which has a very little chance of taking you to those difficult situations. I suggest few points from my personal experience to help you in naming your child.

Name should not be very long:-

Check out the names of your grandfather and compare it with your father's and then with yours: My grandfather's name is Bishwanath Prasad Khaitan (22 Characters) My father name was Gyan Prakash Khaitan(18 Characters) and my name is Pratik Khaitan (13 Characters). The number of characters are constantly decreasing. The use of middle name is considered outdated so i removed it from my name also. Keeping in mind this trend, i feel the coming generation will prefer short name. Nowadays I see many guys use short name to call their friends. I have a friend 'Siddharth' whom i prefer to call 'Sid'. So please go for a name which is not more than 6 characters long.

The Name Should Not Rhyme With Or Be Similar To Something Funny:-

From my childhood i m being called Khaitan Fan. Few even call me Pratik Shaitan ( Demon). Though that was my surname and i cannot blame anyone still i would suggest just check if your name rhyme with something funny. I stay in Kolkata where major population constitutes Bengali. And Bengali's have the tendency to pronounce sound 'a' as 'au'. What we call "Pal" they call it "Paul". I remember i have a cousin whom we named Harsh. And my Bengali neighbor use to call him 'Horse'. And we cant stop laughing. So please check the name two or three times.

Easy To Pronounce:-

The name should be easy to pronounce. I have two sisters Prachi and Poonam. And my grandma and children in our place never pronounce Prachi's name properly. They end up calling her Paachi, Parachi. Whereas it is very convenient in case of Poonam. Even while communicating your name to others over phone or otherwise it is easy to use them. Whenever we go to restaurant or in case for any billing procedures we prefer Poonam otherwise we have to spell out the whole name.

Avoid Pet Names Or Keep A Standard Pet Name:-

When I was born I was very cute and healthy. My parents started calling me "Golu". I feel very embarrassed when some of them call me Golu still. Most of my relatives don't know my real name. I have suffered badly from this. And i suggest please don't use any pet name to call your child. Give him/her a name which is convenient to pronounce or use a short form of his/her name to call him. Use Ritu for Rituparna or Priya for Priyadarshana.

Dont Use Name Which Has No Meaning:-

Please don't use the name with no meaning or absurd meaning. Though the coming generation like to use such names as Mike, Tom. But i feel name should carry a message or has a positive meaning. Also keep in mind that while naming a boy don't use name which signify Beauty or any Female dominated character and vice versa. Use name that ends with sound "ee" or "aa" for girls.






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