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Q:- I met a girl on Internet chat and fell in love with her. We used to talk for hours over the phone. We have met thrice. One fine day, she admitted that she loved me but the next day she informed me that everything was over and she asked me not to call. It is now six months and I haven't yet got a call from her.
Please help me.

The girl does not seem interested in carrying on the relationship. It is futile to sit and ponder over a relationship that never was. Since she told you outright that she does not want to continue with the relationship, there is no point in waiting for her to come back to you. All you can do is may be ask her as to why she ended the affair so abruptly. Cheer up buddy, you will find your soul mate very soon.

Q:-I have proposed to a girl and she said no. What should I do now, Please help.

There must have been a reason for her to say no to your proposal. Talk to her and find out as to why she declined you. If her reply is reasonable, there is no point in sitting and mooning over the fact. Cheer up. Pick up a new hobby or hang out with friends. You will soon get over it.

Q:- My problem is that being a boy of 16 years,I have sagging breasts like girls. People and friends make fun of me as a girl, and I sometimes feel like ending my life. I hope you understand my problem. Please help me!!

Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your query. I can imagine how awful you'll be feeling! Unfortunately most people are really thoughtless and never realize how much being made 'fun of' hurts. But Suicide is not the answer to the problem, nor is letting the problem scar your life. Let's find some workable solution to it! Consult a doctor first. Doctor tell you whether its because of weight or medical reasons and recommend a specialist. If going to a doctor alone is a problem at 16, then confide in an elder you're closest to, (perhaps your mom) who'll take you to a doctor.
If being overweight is the reason for much fat in the upper body then joining a good health club/gym along with a serious diet program  may be the perfect answer.
While you're making these efforts--ignore all those who are laughing at you (and there always will be some, no matter what you're trying to do)! Concentrate on feeling good about yourself. Their opinion doesn't count in your life, only your self esteem matters.
And yes, keep us posted on your success! We'll be rooting for you.
Q:- I am in love with a guy who is a gay. He is interested in guy and not me. Thus I face competition from guys rather than girls. Please help!

Since the object of your affection is not interested in you, his being a gay or not really doesn't matter. No science or technology will ever be able to instill love, where there is none!
Nothing more I can tell you. Your mind already knows the answer to your question, just make your heart accept it.

Q:-My problem is that I love one lady. I am 24 years of age and she is 19 yrs. I love her very much she knows it, I even proposed her once, but she neither said yes nor no. Now she smiles at me when we met each other on road. She even talks to me. Please tell me. What should I do? Can I propose once again?


Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your problem. Go ahead and ask her once again. If she says yes.. nothing like it. If she says no, forget her pal, there are lots of other fish in the sea.

Q:- I loved a girl since 5 years. Once I proposed to her but she and her family told me that its too early for her to get married, so without our knowledge they have fixed her marriage. She is getting married very soon. What should I do because I never thought of anyone else other than her. Please help.

What a drastic a step are you willing to take? Are you ready to alienate your (and hers) entire family, make them a subject of gossip, and elope with your love and spend life without family or society? If yes, then ask her if she's willing to go long--and go in for a court marriage. (if you're both above age). Anyway, doesn't the girl's refusing your proposal because of her age, seem like a gentle refusal to you?
A much better idea would be to let things happen. Whatever happens, happens for the best. Let her get married. Forget the girl! It will be painful initially, but soon she will just be a memory.

Q:-  I am in love with a girl who treats me only as a friend. She does not have a boyfriend but she says that she is waiting for the right person in her life and although she does not hate me in any sense she cannot think of marrying me as she has never taken me in that sense...what should I do to win her love? I am ready to do anything! Please advice.

You have to appreciate the fact that the girl is being very clear to you. It is not like she is leading you on. Find out what characteristics she is looking for. Try and be there for her when she needs you. Do not become mushy or persistent, this can only irritate her. Become a friend first and then think of a future together.
If at all she still does not accept you, do not be bitter. Afterall everybody has a right to choose their life partner. Rest assured that you will find yours too.




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