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Q:-I am a divorcee. My problem is like I got attracted to my brother-in-law who helped me a lot in my divorce process. He is years younger to me but I love him a lot. But don't know whether he loves me or not. What should I do in such situation? How do I gauge his true feelings?

A:-You are caught in a cleft stick. Well here you did not wrote the reason of your divorce, because in India we found that most of the divorce caused by the pressure of joint family. And if your case is also the result of that then I do not think that again in that family is advisable. Anyway, as you are divorcee so after an interval you are feeling yourself all alone, and in a great need of good friends and company. this loneliness only helped you in getting attracted with your brother-in-law. No doubt he adores you a lot but do not make the mess of your life, because you do not know whether he is in love or not and as you said you are elder to her, so might be he helped you due to his morality, might be he found that his brother did wrong to you. As he is younger he may be finding a younger women for his life, as generally an Indian man do. So its better to live the life as its going and if something would be there in that side then he himself will propose you ,that time you can give a thought in it. Otherwise let him worship you, rather than he lose respect for you.

Q:-I have been married for several years and have no child till date. This problem has adversely affected my marital life. I consulted doctors and was prescribed many medicines but nothing has proved to be effective. I'm 35 and my wife is 33 years old. My blood sugar and semen analysis are found to be normal. At this juncture, please advise me regarding further course action or alternatively, refer me to a Calcutta based expert whom I can consult. I'll be ever grateful for your expert advice. Thanking you. 
                                 Ashis, Kolkata

Dear Ashis, Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your query. 
We understand your problem, but as this case requires personal check-up and may require to undergo some medical tests also, what we can suggest online to you is, to please consult specialist. You may find good specialist at Family Planning shops located in Central Kolkata. 
In case you find any difficulty to find doctors, please feel free to get back to us.
Do not get disappointed and get tensed, this may be also one of the reason for problem.
Wish you a happy family life ahead...

Q:-I am 28 years old housewife, maintaining my house really well. My husband is a reputed Managing Director in a reputed company. Problem is that he never take me to his official trip. parties and all. He just doesn't like my mixing with his colleagues and friends. So I feel lonely and at the end of the day I feel like keeping myself in a small world of my kids and in-laws. What should I do. Please advise me.

A:-Hey ! don't feel sorry for yourself , you are a lady of 21st century. Don't be so depressed. Well fine if your husband do not take you in his parties and don't like your mixing with his friends. You do something on your own like learn some skill or like that so that your problem of passing the time will be solved as well you will feel a bit independent too. Through that you can earn something of your own and going out means you too will meet more and more people. So that you can have your own friends group and I think then your husband will also not have any problem. Because he provides you a home and a family. But he doesn't have to choose your friends and colleagues. So go ahead.

Q:- I am 42 years old man. My wife has left me one and half years back . Now I am scared to get in to a new relationship as its not a joke to spend the life alone I just cant .Now its just hard to trust a women . So please tell me how to come out from this situation.

A:- At the first step you will have to honestly evaluate the reason for which your wife left you. Then only you can make your mind stable and blaming the entire women society for a single does not worth. Now you will have to help yourself by deciding what you deserve in a women , as you got a practical experience . your previous experience itself will help you a lot. For getting re-married I would advise to keep both your eyes and mind open. So the thing could not be repeated. It may be a good idea to visit a marriage counselor and discuss the whole thing with him or her. That would help you in rescuing from the unnecessary burden of betrayal and guilt in your head.

Q:- I am 30 year old, married for 4 months. Few days back, I came to know that my wife had physical relationships with couple of men before we got married. She accepted it and I was ready to forgive her. But one of my friend's wife told me that my wife hangs around a lot with her male colleagues and customers. She has advised me to take this matter seriously. But it is hard for me. I love my wife and don't want to lose her. Please help.

Sanjay Das, Calcutta

A:-  Thanks for trusting hindustanlink. com with your problem. Do not judge your wife by what has occurred in her past. In the present, you have no reason to suspect that she is being unfaithful to you. By listening to others and making your judgement based on her implications you are being very unfair to your wife. 

Try to protect your relationship. If you have still have any doubts about your wife, then please discuss with her. It is not about being broadminded, it is about trusting your partner and giving her the freedom to live happily. 


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