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Q: When I was having a sexual intercourse with my partner his condom burst. I donít know the HIV status of my boyfriend! Can anything be done now? 

Answer: There is no solution in this case. There are studies on the efficacies of anti-viral drugs for such situations to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV. The outcome of such studies has been equivocal. However, one needs to remember in such situation prevention is better than cure. In fact, prevention is the only cure 

Q: I am a 25 year, male. I am getting married soon. I am a virgin & a total novice at sex. Please advice me, on the proper place and best position for vaginal penetration? 

Answer: Please acquaint yourself with the female anatomy. There are three openings in a woman a) the Urethra, b) the Vagina and c) the Anus. Urethra is too small, one canít insert even a finger so question of penis entering it does not arise. Anus is too low, hence in male superior position even if you want to enter, its difficult. The only place where it can enter is vagina. Get the guidance of your partner while penetrating into her. To start with male superior / missionary position would be advisable. 

Q: I am 19yrs,female, suffering from irregular periods. Few months ago, a friend of mine tried to sexually assault me, but failed. It was a traumatic experience. Immediately, the next month, I got my period, but after that I missed my period again. Am I pregnant? Do I need to see a Gynecologist? Please help. 

Answer:  As you got your period immediately, there is no question of pregnancy. If you are still worried you can get yourself examined for pregnancy test. Regarding your irregular periods you need to consult a Gynecologist. 


Q: I have (24 yrs) noticed that my quantity of semen has reduced. Does this indicate that I am progressing towards impotency? 

Answer: No. The quantity of semen, like the consistency, depends upon the intensity of stimulation, period of abstinence, age and hormone level. As a man grow older, the color of semen changes from white to light yellow and the quantity may decrease, but the color and quantity have nothing to do with the virility of an individual. 

Q: I am male, 35. I am about to get married but there is slight deformity in my male sex organ. Will this impair my sex life after marriage.  - S.Gupta,Jamshedpur 

Answer :  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you in medical terms. You should have no problems. But you could always consult a specialist.

Q:What is the normal size of a penis of a man of height six feet? Can it be increased by drugs at the age of twenty six?
                        Ashis das, Kolkata

Answer : Dear Mr. Ashis Das,
Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your problem. You have mentioned your height (6 ft) but you have not mentioned whether your penis is too small and also please see / notice the size at the time of erection. Before taking any action, consult personally with a sexologist.

Do take care of yourself.

Q: My problem is that I am having a problem in having interest in sex and when I do the ejaculation is quiet early.
-M. Ahmed, Calcutta

Answer : 
Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your query.
Your question is not so clear whether you are least interested in Sex or you are too much excited for sex. If you are too sexy, then it is obious that the ejaculation will be early. If you are newly married, this problem may not be there after a couple of years. If you are really tensed about it, please do consult personally with a sexologist or else don't worry, enjoy sex and wish you a happy life ahead. 
Wish you a good health.

Q: How do you Know When your girlfriend wants to have sex with you? - S.Nanda, Bhubaneswar
Answer :
Dear Nanda, The only possible way to know this is if you know her very well. Then you will be able to interpret all her gestures and actions properly. My suggestion, Don't hurry it up. It might spoil everything. Well, The other solution is to ask her.

Q: I am masturbating a lot nowadays & not getting sound sleep .  Please help - Piyush, Mumbai .
Answer :
Piyush, masturbation has nothing to do with sleeping patterns. Your insomnia might be because of stress due to studies, since you are from an IIT. What I'll suggest is that you cut down on coffee and alcohol, and have a light, early dinner. You could also take a hot bath before going to bed. If sleep doesn't come to you, then follow this trick...close your eyes and start counting backwards from 10. With each number, let a certain part of your body relax, and start taking slow, deep breaths. Soon you'll be lost in slumber land. If this doesn't work, then try the age old method of counting sheep! 


Q: Well My breast stand up often and I don't know why they do . Its really bad Can u help me? - Priya, New York

Answer :
Priya, thank you for trusting Hindustanlink.com with your problem. You know what? you don't have a problem at all! Being an adolescent, it's normal for those hormones to do the mambo no. 5 inside the body, causing many an embarrassing moment. Guy's have to put up with erections that keep on popping up like uninvited guests, and girls have to go through other signs of sexual arousal. By what you have written, I guess that is what your problem(?) is all about. Well, erect nipples are nothing to worry about. It just goes to show that you are a healthy female with a sexuality that is working itself out just fine! And that is something to be proud of! If you are uncomfortable with the fact then all you can do about it is to wear blouses or t-shirts that are thick and opaque enough to let you keep the fact that you are aroused, to yourself. Immerse yourself in a lot of group activities involving both the sexes so that you'll get used to other people with budding sexuality and become comfortable with your own body and it's responses. Do let me know if my solutions have helped in any way. Happy growing up! 


Q: I have been masturbating since 5 years. Now I am 20 & my penis is tilted towards left. Is there any possibility to bring it back to the original position? Please help me. Thank you. - Sushil, Calcutta

Answer :
Dear Sushil, masturbation has nothing to do with the shape, size, or alignment of your penis. It is perfectly normal to have a slightly tilted penis in any of the directions. Most of the men do. If you still feel dissatisfied, you can always go and check it up with an


Q: Hi does it really matters that u if u've done sex before marriage or not. is there any way that ur husband comes to know that ur not a virgin. - Srijata,Calcutta

Answer :
Hey! Thank you for trusting Hindustanlink.com  with your problem! A woman is considered to be a virgin if her 'hymen', i.e. a membrane deep in the vagina, is still intact. But it is not necessary that the hymen is ruptured only due to sexual intercourse. Horse riding, cycling, and other physical activities can also cause the hymen to tear. There have also been cases where the hymen was so thick that even after penetration during sex, it refused to give way. In such cases, it is removed surgically. So, don't worry at all, there is no way that your husband cane come to know that you are a virgin until you tell him so! So relax. Do tell me if I was of any help.

Q: How to get real climax with partner? - Ashok, Delhi
Answer :
Dear Ashok, thanks for trusting Hindustanlink.com with your problems. You cannot ejaculate without an orgasm (or, climax). There is nothing known as a real or false climax, so I guess you just want to know how to achieve a climax while having sex. Well, for a man that is fairly simple. An orgasm is reached when the skin on the penis is rubbed causing a friction which is received by the many sensitive nerve cells present in the penis that finally reaches a peak resulting in the ejection of semen. When you insert your penis into a vagina, all you have to do is to move it in a piston-like fashion i.e. an in-and-out motion. Soon you will reach your climax. Enjoy!!!


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Answer :  Dear Ravi, Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your problem. Masturbation is harmless way of sexual pleasuring which is handy & is devoid of any health risk. Pimples / acnes may be due to age factor (teenage), harmonal changes in the body etc. At the age of 14, sexual feelings / mastubation is early which may be one of the reason for pimples. Also try to have changes in your daily food habbits and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.


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