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Q: We are married for the past 3 years and we don't have any children. A semen report of my husband shows a deficiency on his part. His sperm count is 55 mill/ml and volume is 1.0 ml., which is below the normal values. Moreover, he has a problem of premature ejaculation due to which I have never experienced an orgasm. Is it possible to get him treated for both the above problems? Also please let me know, whether it is necessary for the wife to have an orgasm in order to conceive. I will greatly appreciate an early reply.

Answer :
The normal semen report expects the count to be 60 mill/ml or more. However, anything more than 20 m/ml usually leads to successful pregnancy. So, marginally lower value as in your case is not alarming. A repeat sperm count is suggested and is to be done as per instruction of the pathologist. Getting an orgasm by the wife is not necessary for conception. Please consult with the infertility specialist. Premature ejaculation can be treated. 

Q: I am 28 years, male, still single, I use to masturbate thrice a week, but now the shape of my penis is getting changed, now my penis is not straight become slant, I am going to get marry very soon. Should I go to Doctor. or is this ok, I don't want make my marriage life dirty 
Please help.

Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your problem. The change in the shape of the penis is not due to masturbation. Masturbation is a harmless sexual outlet and can be continued. The penis is a structure, which can be small, big, soft, stiff, straight with bend in the same person normally. This is not a problem and wouldn't cause any difficulty in marriage. 

Q: I am interested in sex. But I cannot get aroused when my wife is in front of me. Why? Please reply.

Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your problem.
Performance Anxiety: Some men unnecessarily doubt whether they will be able to do sex properly or not. So just he relaxed and know that sex is not a performance to be measured but a pleasure to be shared. So enjoy sex.


Q: I am very curious about female orgasm...my question is "Does female cum like a male. I mean does any liquid (like male sperm) coming out from their vagina as much as men and can men see that what I mean it is noticeable to see the female cum and if yes what is the colour is it white and thick like men. 

Answer :
In case of female orgasm, liquid does not spurt out, as it does in a male. The changes in the external genitilia are also minute and difficult to be picked up by the male. The best guide is the facial expression and body movements, tightening of muscles & subsequent relaxation with intense satisfaction. The best thing would be to ask her. 

Q:I want to know some thing about 1st Wedding night (Swag-raat). I don't know what to do & what not. Please suggest I am going to get married in few weeks. 

Answer :
Unlike popular belief of creating a bang on the 1st night, it would be great fun to initiate sexual intimacy as is pleasurable, devote time for talking and getting to know each other, get closer. One should try not to insist on having sexual intercourse on the very 1st night. Whole life is present for sexual intercourse. 

Q:I am a 30 year old MBA. I was diagnosed as Hepatitis B positive 8 months back. Now my parents are forcing me to marry. They have started searching for the bride, what should I do now? Please advice.

Hepatitis B can be sexually transmitted to the would- be wife. Seek a good physicians opinion & weigh the benefits and risk in marriage in your case. 
Q: When my partner and I have sex with me on top, I cannot reach orgasm during sex. I have in the past, but it has been a lot less intense than orgasm from foreplay. I guess my partner has become frustrated with this. I have told him that it is difficult for me to reach orgasm during sex. After he orgasms, he will ask me if I did. When I tell him no, he just apologizes. I am becoming very dissatisfied. I love him, but this is making me very frustrated. 

Foreplay & sensuous stimulation that excites you would bring about orgasm is your sexual life. Hurried sex may not. For any further query, please feel free to contact us again.
Q: Please let me know whether  masturbation is good for health?

Thanks for trusting hindustanlink.com with your problem.  Masturbation is harmless way of sexual pleasuring which is handy & is devoid of any health risk.





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