Adrak Aur Gal Gal Ka Achaar

Gal Gal - 1 Kg 
Mustard oil - 50 Gms 
Ginger - 250 Gms 
Whole dry red chillies broken into pieces - 100 Gms 
Salt - 250 Gms 
Red chilli powder - 30 Gms or 5-6 Tsp 
Haldi - 3 Tsp 

Wash and cut the gal gal into 1/2" pieces. 
Cut the ginger into 1" long strips ( juliennes) 
Heat oil to smoking point. Add the whole red chillies. 
Fill the gal gal, ginger along with salt, red chillies & haldi in jar. 
Add the oil with the red chillies to it and shake well to mix. 
To preserve the pickle for a longer time, heat some more oil to smoking point. 
Cool the oil and pour into the jar of pickle such that it covers the gal gal completely.

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