Bharwaan Mirch

Green chillies of thick variety - 1Kg 
Amchoor - 100 Gms 
Haldi - 25 Gms 
Rai powder (mustard powder) - 100 Gms 
Salt - 125 Gms or slighty more than 1/2 cup salt. 
Mustard oil - 3/4 Cup 

Wipe the green chillies with a damp cloth. 
Slightly roast the saunf on tawa and coarsely grind it. 
Slit chillies, remove seeds, smear the chillies with 1/4 cup mustard oil. 
Heat 1/2 cup oil to smoking point. Remove from fire and cool it. 
Add saunf, rai powder, salt and amchoor. 
Mix Well. 
Fill this masala into the chillies. 
Keep it in the sun for a week. Keep shaking and mixing the pickle daily. 

For a longer shelf life, heat 1 cup mustard oil to smoking point. 
Cool and add to the pickle after it is ready

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