Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Bourbon cream biscuits - 2 small packets 
Fresh cream - 250 ml 
Powdered sugar - 2 tbsp 
Vanilla essence - few drops 
Finely cut walnuts - 2 tbsp 
Keep this pudding always in the freezer closed with lid.

Take a small square tin which has a tight lid. 
Line it with butter paper little above the sides so that pudding can be lifted up when it sets.
(Base and two sides) 
Remove centre chocolate cream from biscuits and keep aside. 
Break biscuits into 1 inch pieces. Whip cream with sugar and essence. 
Arrange one layer of broken biscuits at the bottom of the tin. 
Pour little cream on top of biscuit layer evenly just to cover on top. 
Sprinkle little nuts and arrange another layer of biscuits. 
Repeat the layers and end up with cream layer. 
Grate the chocolate cream (which is taken out from biscuits) and decorate on top. 
Close the box with lid and keep in freezer compartment of refrigerator. 
To cut, take out the set pudding by lifting the butter paper up and cut into small squares. 
Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream

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