Strawberry Pickle

Strawberries cleaned, cut into pieces and dried with a cloth - 500 Gms 
Chhuaras( dry dates) deseeded and cut lengthwise - 250 Gms 
Chilli Oil - 220 ml 
Mustard seeds (rai) roasted and ground - 15 Gms 
Methi daana ( fenugreek seeds) roasted and ground - 15 Gms 
Salt - 80 Gms 
Saunf (aniseeds) - 10 Gms 
Black jeera - 10 Gms 
Kashmiri chillies fried and cut into juliennes -4 
Kishmish(raisins) fried - 100 Gms 
Badaam (almonds) sliced and fried - 50 Gms 
Boil Together:
Juice of lemons - 5 
Sugar - 750 Gms 

Dissolve sugar in lime juice and boil. 
Add dates and strawberries and cook thoroughly till it becomes thick and dry. 
Heat the chilli oil and pour it over this date and strawberry mixture. 
Add ground mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, salt, saunf and black jeera. 
Add fried almonds, raisins and Kashmiri chillies. 
Mix and store in airtight containers.

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