Gaund Ladoo 

300 grams Flour 
100 grams Gaund 
100 grams Almonds 
200 grams Powdered sugar 
250 grams Ghee 
2 tsps Cardamom powder 

Method :
Dry the gaund in sun and break into small equal pieces. Grind the almonds coarsely in a mixer. Sieve to remove the powdered gaund. Heat ghee and fry gaund. The gaund will puff out. Remove from ghee and keep aside. 

Add the flour to the ghee and roast it on a low flame. Stir it for fifteen minutes till flour turns golden brown. Add the powdered gaund and almonds and stir for few minutes. Add sugar, puffed gaund, cardamom powder and mix properly. 

Cool the mixture a little, take small lumps and make walnut size laddoos.

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