Saadi Baati (Dumplings) 

300 grams Wheat flour 
100 grams Semolina 
1 teaspoon Salt 
Ghee (as per requirement) 
1/2 litre Water 

Method :
Mix salt, 6 tbsp. ghee, flour and semolina and knead into stiff dough with a little water. Cover with a wet cloth and set aside for half an hour. 

Break the dough into about 10 pieces. Flatten the dough and press the centre with your thumb. 

Place the baati in half litre of boiling water for 10 minutes and lift out onto paper towels. 

Roast the baati in an oven (grill) until golden brown. 

Dip each baati in hot ghee and serve with dal, churma, gatta curry and garlic chutney for a real Rajasthani feast. (Serves : 4)

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