-Freshly made 250 gms paneerfrom 2 lit milk 
- 2 lit. of boiling sugar syrup
- 2 lit. of made sugar syrup

(for making 22 rassogollas)

 Preparation :-

- Paneer when warm, mash itfine and make small balls.
- Dip them immediately in boiling syrup.
- From time to time you have to check the density of the boiling syrup with aspoon.
- If the boiling syrup thickens add a little water. The density of the syrupshould be same through out.
- You will find the Paneer balls in the boiling syrup getting larger in size.
- You have to boil the syrup and the balls for some more time until you find theballs getting smaller in size.
- Now take out the balls and dip them in the made syrup.
- Your Rassogolla is made, serve them hot.

Boiling syrup:

-In 2 ltrs of water add 1.5kg of sugar and boil.
-When the syrup boils remove a layer of white froth which surfaces on the top ofthe boiling syrup.
-If you can, strain the liquid to remove impurities.
-This syrup has to be kept boiling in which the Paneer balls are dropped.

Made Syrup:

-In 2 liters of water 1.1kgof Sugar should be added, boiled and cooled and kept aside to add theRassogollas in it.

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