Spinach soup




1bunch (2 cups ) very finely chopped spinach (palak) 
Small piece of bottle gourd (Ghiya / Lauki), grated 
Salt & Black pepper to taste 
2 cups water 
2tbsp. Butter 
little fresh cream (malai) for garnishing 


Wash & clean Spinach very finely. 
In a deep pan add spinach & grated bottle gourd. Add little salt and water and boil covered till soft. 
Let it cool to room temperature. Add water and blend it in a blender into a puree. 
Now in a deep vessel add the puree and water and mix well. 
Add salt, pepper & butter. Allow one or two boils. 
Beat the cream finely. 
Serve hot garnished with cream. 


( Serves : 2)


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