1 Large Potato (boiled and mashed) 
50gms Paneer (grated or mashed) 
Green Peas (Boiled) 
1 small Capsicum (very finely chopped) 
Salt to taste 
Garam Masala to taste 
Red chili powder to taste 
Oil for frying 
Bread Crumbs 
Maida (All Purpose flour) 
Salt to taste 


Mix mashed potatoes and paneer. 
Now add Green peas, capsicum, coriander, salt, chili powder, garam masala and little bread crumbs and mix well. 
Now make small rolls 
In a bowl make a batter using maida and water. 
Heat oil in a kadhai. 
Dip rolls in the batter and then roll over breadcrumbs and deep fry on a medium flame till crisp. 
Serve hot with Hari chutney and tomato sauce.


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