Love Life in 2001 


January 20-February 18

New beginnings continue for most of you and while some of you pursue old patterns and make wrong choices in love-life, others take the cue and move on to greener pastures. 

Parental pressure to settle down will be great early next year and the conviction that someone you currently like is the one for you will delay judgement and decision. May be it is for the best as you will need to sort your feelings out in the matter. 

Don't limit yourself and your life. Be more open to meeting interesting people. A sibling is especially influential and will be your pillar of strength in stressful times, making you see people and things in proper perspective, thus helping you avoid hasty decisions of any sort in the summer of 2001. 

Remember to believe what people show you about themselves and avoid making excuses for people whom you like and want to protect, as this will ultimately harm your own interests. 

An ex-lover mate continues to pursue you endlessly and aggressively and your need to be firm and assertive, will be vital. Don't get flattered or you will begin a new chapter of the old book again and find yourself stifled with no one on the outside to help you again. Strike when the iron is hot and make the most of changing times around September 2001. 

Some of you may lead a double life, with two mates and may not want to make any changes on the status-quo. The chances of you getting caught red handed in November-December is high and you may have to cook up many a fascinating story to get out of the mess. Consider being honest and transform your life. Do not neglect family and loved ones who are genuinely concerned. Spend time with them and you will be highly remembered and appreciated. 

Lucky colour: Wear rainbows pastels to dispel confusion in love 
Lucky Keyword: Reality
Lucky Stone: Opal
Lucky Number:11