Love Life in 2001 

March 20-April 18

The year begins on skeptical note for you, emotionally as well as romantically, and it is so because you are skeptical about your personal relationships and where they seem to be heading - most of all with your mate/spouse who may have little or no idea about what is being conjured in your mind with regard to your relationship, which according to you, has reached stale-mate, giving you little initiative and enthusiasm for romance.

You begin finding minor faults in him/her and blow it out of proportion. January-February 2001 will keep your sweetheart on his/her toes where he/she will try everything to please you, but to no avail.

Some of you may be on business tours all throughout the summer and thankfully too since you feel you need time and peace to accept in your mind and heart that not much can be done to change the course of your personal life. Indulging in flings and ruthless affairs are very much in the offing, as you make lame excuses for dissatisfaction. You continue to set traps for yourself.

A softening of your heart around October, after consideration and communication with helpful mediation of close concerned pals and also an ego boost with your beloved, will help you to adopt a new look. You shed unwanted wait and get a colourful hairdo with an attitude to match. Your undying devotion may set your heart beating again. But don't start getting too comfortable as the tests of love will be severe in November-December and much will depend on your inner self and integrity. Don't forget those small gestures, flowers and sometimes expensive luxuries to fall in love again.

If single, you may not meet the man/woman of your dreams, even though you are rich with amazing friendships and loads of outdoor activities that provide a stimulating time.

Lucky colour: Wear lemon/greens for hope in times of despair
Lucky Keyword: Patience
Lucky Stone: Emerald.
Lucky Number:6