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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Aries And Aquarius

Fire and air usually compliment each other but not in this case of two people so self willed that the arguments start, most likely, on the day they meet. Aquarius is intrigued by weird, unusual, and sometimes very eccentric type of individuals that attract his/her attention. A business partnership could possibly work for these two if they have evolved beyond some of the traits that grate on each other, or their charts show some more positive traits than the generalized ones used here. One being a fire sign, Aries, which is in the inspirational group and the other an air sign being in the marketing or mental group could give them a good basis for operations but it is unlikely that these two would last in the business relationship as they would not last on a friendship basis. The Aries will love the offbeat ways of the Aquarius and likewise the Air sign will enjoy watching the Fire sign race around like a child, always looking for new adventures. The Aquarius can, at times, be very unpredictable. These Air signs donít do anything by the book, and this may cause some impatience for the Aries. This can be a very challenging and exciting relationship. Aries and Aquarius are an interesting combination of passion, friendship and sexuality. There will never be dull moments with these two are together and they will experience many memorable moments with their friends and family close by. Social groups and events will keep the relationship stimulating. Both need independence and share similar creative abilities. Aries and Aquarius will share an interesting love affair and sex life. Over time, one may fall in love quickly. Keep it light Aries, and see what develops. Aquarius needs to give Aries credit for effort and laughter. The sooner they get together, the better off all of us will be. Both are independent and ambitious. Aquarius can make Aries feel insecure but with a bit of tact and patience on both side this could become a great affair and perhaps something even more. Aquarius is more independent than Aries which makes Aries feel neglected but they are much alike in their dynamic, active and ambitious personalities. Both understand each others need for freedom. Neither likes domination however Aries must take the lead. This is a very good match that has a good chance of becoming a lasting love. You have very good physical chemistry with the Aries boy, and heís known for being a great kisser, so youíll enjoy that part of your relationship! He has a unique approach to romance that will reach intrigue you and keep you interested. You are also similar in some very important ways, especially in your need for space. Just like you, the Aries guy just needs to be alone sometimes to do his own thing. You respect each otherís rights to have other things going on in your lives besides your relationship, and that is what gives this match its staying power.

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