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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Aries And Aries

These two just can't get at each other quickly enough. Desire will be distributed throughout this relationship. It means that they can never be platonic pals if one finds the other one attractive, because they'll want to act on it. But whether they're cheeky chums or lusty lovers, they'll enjoy doing all sorts of things together, from kicking a ball about in the back garden to cuddling up close in the middle of a field. Fire with a fire is a compatible combination although it produces a volatile, exciting and sometimes stressful atmosphere. Peace, quiet and relaxation will be difficult to achieve. A blazing inferno will envelop them as the powerful passion spits and sizzles, then burns with an incandescent glow. If both people try to rule the roost, disputes and tension will result. When necessary, each will defend the other. Boredom will seldom arise in this duo because both like to be active. The coming together of two Aries calls for an exploration of new avenues. Extreme sports or some other intense activity are great turn-on for the couple. Aries is very open with his feelings and totally straightforward, so the couple will not have to suffer from deceit or hypocrisy. However, since they have huge egos, each time they have a tiff, it would be more of an ego war than a trivial fight. They must learn to work together. Since both the partners want things to go as they have planned it, they must consciously work to be unselfish. The future will be paved with an intense sexual attraction and enough healthy challenges to keep both mentally and physically satisfied. It is highly possible for these two to form a long-term relationship. Remember, two lions can never rule the jungle together. However, if they do manage to land up together, ruling in turns can be a very good option. If two Aries manage to reach a sort of agreement in their relationship, you can be sure this will be a lively combo. There will be no place for boredom in their relationship as both of them will be forever active and entertaining. The excitement in the relation of two Aries can hardly be matched by any other signs. Together they will gain prestige and could make a fortune. Both will need to tone down aggressiveness because both will create confrontation if neglected. Both signs are ruled by Mars, planet of passion and temperament, so if you are looking for amazing sex, look no further. There could be too much challenge here if one displays a manipulative side or keeps secrets from the other. The compatibility of a relationship between two Aries individuals depends on how well they accept and respect each other's freedom. They need to forgo excessive emphasis on individualism and learn to respect each other. When in a love relationship, two Aries should make efforts to come closer to each other, nurture the bonds with care and try to forget their self. Since both of them have big egos, they will find it pretty hard to take in criticism. They will have to remember not to compete against one other and work together to ensure harmony.

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