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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Cancer
With Aries

Sparks fly when Cancer gives Aries the encouragement and adoration they need. Aries sees both a future and a family in Cancer and cannot help but admire their sensuality and loyalty to others. Cancer in turn gives Aries domestic tranquility and security in both business and family relations. Aries gives Cancer romance, passion and sex they have always dreamed of. Aries can also help shy withdrawn Cancer out of his or her shell and propel this sign into the limelight where both can shine. Friends and past loves will be fascinated and slightly jealous by how nicely they balance each other out. These two could establish a beautiful home together. Aries will lighten up Cancerís life while Cancer provides the sexual stimulation Aries has been seeking. Cancerian people hide their own true selves underneath a tough external shell. It is hard to break down the walls and barriers the Cancer has built up, but once the Aries does get into this persons heart they will find someone who is easily hurt and very sensitive. For the Cancer loves his/her home, and family is the most important thing. They long to settle down, get married and have lots of little baby crabs, the Aries may not want the same thing for possibly years to come, and can find it hard to look to the future with such seriousness. The sex life of this Water and Fire sign combination will no doubt suffer. If you were to ask who is the boss in such a relationship you simply pose yet another problem. The Cancerian wants to be the decision maker in the home and has a tendency to sulk for days on end unless this requirement is met. This arrangement doesn't sit too well with the fun loving Aries who will feel suffocated and tied down by this union. Which may eventually cause the Arian to flee or even worse fall into the arms of another. This is not a very good love match. When a Cancer gets involved with an Aries , Cancer want to protect and cherish Arian. Meanwhile, this type of snuggly closeness makes Arian feel smothered and trapped. Arian also has a bad habit of checking out other girls, which will make Cancer feel incredibly jealous. Arian wonít apologize for his behavior either and heíll get irritated if Cancer point out that heís flirting. Arianís too scared of being fenced in. Arian is not the type of guy who wants to settle into a cozy love nest, and thatís exactly the kind of loving Cancer need. This match wonít last long.

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