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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Aries With Scorpio

There is potential for these two to have a lasting love affair. Aries has finally met someone who understands them unconditionally. Water needs fire occasionally. Itís either all or nothing when these two meet. Their connection is highly fervent and often argumentative, because both partners have jealous tendencies. Scorpio tends to be more enduring, but is also more possessive than Aries -- and can lash out when their feelings get hurt. Despite their differences in emotional attachment, both partners love risk and taking chances; this is not a boring relationship! Aries and Scorpio can have lots of escapades together. Ram and Scorpion are a powerful match but an uneasy mix, a fascinating combination that needs work. Traditionally, Mars rules Aries, a Fire Sign and Scorpio, a Water Sign. Meaning the warrior spirit surges in each of you. The Ram is the 'heart on the sleeve', passionate, impatient, idealistic and surging with naive energy tope. Scorpio has little time for superficial people, places or things. The glitches in compatibility between the two sun signs come from their different emotional needs. A Scorpio needs to feel totally secure in a relationship and has to have an intense bond with his partner. An Aries, on the other hand, does not like too much closeness. Another problem may crop up when both of them get angry and fight. An Aries finds it easier to take out his anger and then forget about whatever happened and move on. On the other hand, for a Scorpio it is not easy to forgive and forget. He remembers the harsh words a person said in anger, even though that person may have never meant the same. A positive aspect of this zodiac match is that they will work pretty well as a team. Scorpio will love the aggressiveness of an Aries and he will in return never suspect the secret ways of the former. Scorpio has a calm exterior; however most people will be instinctually cautious around Scorpio because they sense an immense power coiled within Scorpio like a snake, ready to strike. Aries, being so confident, confrontational and quick to rush into things, is one sign that might risk unsettling the hidden power within Scorpio. By aggravating Scorpio this way Aries would slow the progress of their relationship even further. Scorpio is naturally closed and cutting to their core will only make them less inclined to open up and reveal their mysterious depths. If this happens then Aries will become even more frustrated with the relationship and lose interest because of how slowly things are progressing. Aries must tread carefully not to aggravate Scorpio in this way.

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