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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Fire Sign
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Anatomy: Head & Face

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and represents the springtime of life. Mars and Pluto, imparting the spirit of pioneering and adventure to the sign, rule Aries. Aries people are natural leaders, with the courage, energy, and originality necessary to inspire followers. Nothing can stop an Aries who is willing to place everything at stake and fly high. The sign is strong-headed, which suggests that Aries may be well placed in jobs that require courage, conviction and single-mindedness of purpose. They crave challenge and would undertake a difficult mission as a game rather than as a goal. An Aries often begin ventures And leave the finishing to others.

However the sign produces two types of persons, both as to appearance and character; the pure type, which is noble, and the mixed, which is weak and futile. Aries canít take "no" for an answer in love and therefore pair best with other fire signs (other Aries, Leo or Sagittarius). The male Aries is difficult to corner, but once romanced, he can be a powerhouse of passion. Female Aries is impulsive in love and some learn this after falling in and out of a number of relationships. Generally, Aries likes writing, education and the environment. The single biggest lesson that Aries needs to learn is that the world is a bigger place than what he/ she believes.

Aries don't like pressures on them and value an easy going, free style of functioning. Aries are generally easy to get along with but they can be very self-assertive indeed when the situation so demands.

While Aries make good friends, they can be impatient and have a nasty temper. These traits sometimes lead them to be aggressive and direct, a bit more so than many people can take. When they are in a good mood, though, they come out to be one of the more cheerful, spontaneous, and generous people in the circle of friends.

Aries often feel the need to prove themselves, and this can lead one to be a bit impulsive or maybe even forceful in trying to drive home the point. Aries can't quite accept criticism, even if it is constructive; but when they feel that they have failed at something it doesn't make them feel dejected. Instead an Aries emerges more vigorous to prove himself all the more


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