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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Cancer
With Cancer

This combination can make a beautiful love out of their married life, because each will have a sympathetic understanding for the other's moods, wishes desires, and needs. Though there are times were they can totally disagree, with each clinging to the experience and teaching of early childhood, each will understand the other. Both will have the tenacity of glue on paper, once its there it will be there regardless of peril. Each will give sympathetic consideration to this trait in the other, and they should have no trouble in finding constant bliss. The Cancerians heart beats strong, and is filled with strong emotions, but they will only show tem gradually. Loyal and faithful, Cancer folks think long and hard before committing themselves to anyone, afraid their emotional security might be threatened or their trust broken. They are sensitive and crave the security of being around the ones they love. The way it turns out to be depends on the efforts each of them is ready to put. One will have to take charge when the other becomes too emotional or too depressed. If both of them react the same way, at the same time, there is no doubt that the relationship will turn into a disaster. As long as the sailing is perfect, there will be no problems. But, the moment going gets tough, things will start going topsy-turvy. One of them has to be more assertive and more practical than the other, if they want to make things work. The problem with this love match is that as the partners share all the positive traits, they also share the negative traits. If these issues are not worked upon early, their relationship is bound to get doomed. Two Cancerian partners will care deeply for each other, but then, they will also demand too much from each other. Patience, understanding and practicality - these are the key areas where efforts need to be put. As long as this is done, this relationship will be like a warm and cozy nest. They both take words and actions to be literal truths and that can mean some consistent pain and unrest for them. They tend to see themselves as martyrs, vastly giving individuals, and when one does not see this in the other then the reaction is shock. They will waste a lot of time together, better spent on other things, in the middle of petty bickering and dredging up the past mistakes of the other. When two Crabs come out of their shells and size each other up, an emotional tidal wave is unleashed. Tidal waves generate massive amounts of energy, but are usually short-lived, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Cancer and Cancer spend a great deal of time in the world of feelings emotions and intuitions. Each one of you experiences life as an ebb and flow of emotional tides and currents. Neither one of you deals with people so much by their outward appearance as by their inner states. Each one of you has a degree of psychic power. You can cultivate a mutual appreciation of music and art. Work on your non-verbal communication together. Learn to dance together. Share a ride on a water bed. Intangibles play a great role in your life together. To share greater success, develop a greater understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all forms of life. In other words, develop your empathy, compassion and emotional rapport. Cancer and Cancer can create success by sharing a vision of the future. Water needs water in order to sustain life but it also needs other elements like earth and air. Outside interests can keep the relationship balanced but there is an element of deception with family members or interference from friends and business associates. If both want it to last, they should be in the same profession, have similar interests and be extremely understanding of each otherís space.

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